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South Africans embracing the Black Frida…

26-11-2015 Hits:0 News The Editorial Team

South Africans embracing the Black Friday sales tradition

South Africans have long since embraced the American custom of Halloween. Now, it seems, we’re enthusiastically taking on the tradition of Black Friday sales as well. The day after the...

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African e-commerce gains traction but is…

25-11-2015 Hits:0 News The Editorial Team

African e-commerce gains traction but is not yet profitable

With its young, tech-savvy population, increasing urbanisation and fast-growing middle class, Africa seems a natural fit for e-commerce. In sprawling and congested cities such as Lagos and Nairobi, travelling to...

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Super-watches the new status symbol for …

24-11-2015 Hits:0 News The Editorial Team

Super-watches the new status symbol for Africa’s mega-wealthy

Watches have become the new status symbol of choice among male African millionaires, according to a study published by research company New World Wealth. ‘Watches have become to men what...

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Ad blocking threat to digital advertisin…

23-11-2015 Hits:0 News The Editorial Team

Ad blocking threat to digital advertising is growing

Digital advertisers and digital publishers – already concerned about the growth of ad-blocking technology that enables consumers to block digital ads on their laptops, tablets and order viagra australia mobile phones – are...

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Sponsorship deals push Manchester United…

20-11-2015 Hits:0 News The Editorial Team

Sponsorship deals push Manchester United towards new revenue record

While English soccer giant Manchester United is unable to lay claim to being the recommended site best price for 20mg cialis best football team in Europe, or even England, it is arguably top of the league table...

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The Social Media Advanced course is designed to assist you to incorporate social media as part of your integrated marketing strategy.
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This course will therefore assist the marketer to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their customers via the multiple digital platforms that have empowered both the consumer and the marketer.
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This course will introduce you to the concept of branding and strategic brand management and explore why brands really do matter.
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